Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Donno Camapign Cash Numbers; The Empty Pant-Suit Candidate

The mark of a top-tier serious candidate is being able to raise money. Barbara Donno is Skelos' girl to beat Democrat Craig Johnson. And she REALLY is Skelos' girl.
Donno "raised" $400,000 according to her new filing.
Well, actually the Republican Campaign Committee gave Donno $355,000.
That means she only raised $45,000 on her own.
From that, $9500 is from Skelos' campaign fund!!!
And $500 came from the NRA.
That doesn't show any local support for her at all.
Of the $400,000 she HAD, she now has $45,000 cash on hand.
Donno or whoever is running her campaign blew $300,000 on those two really ineffective ads.

The funny thing about the $355,000 from the Republican Committee is that the money came after Skelos became Majority Leader.

Now hasn't the undeclared-republican republican Donno been saying in her ads that she isn't a "typical politician" and says Albany has alot of problems?
The cash Donno got is FROM ALBANY.
She IS a typical politician.


Blogger friend of BDonno said...

boy- you don't get it- she hadn't even started asking for donations in the timeframe you are discussing- that is seed money from the party- she'll do well on her own as the campaign heats up. Although she has some philosophical alignment with Skelos, she is NOT a typical politician and needed to be coaxed by her friends into running because she wants to buck the "status quo" and knows it will be a tough fight in our dysfunctional state legisture, but now that she's committed you can bet she won't compromise her priciples and will do well for her constituency - dems and republicans alike. Don't count her out- she'll be the best thing that ever happened to this district. Friend of BDonno

July 21, 2008 at 5:38 PM  

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