Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Magical Mystery Tour Update: You Would Think Skelos Just Became a Senator

But no, he's been there over two decades. On his magical Mystery Tour of Upstate Counties, Skelos is talking about property taxes as if he just discovered the problem and has a solution that for some reason never presented while he was Deputy Majority Leader.
To hear Skelos, he is the cavalry charging in to save the day. Where was all this years ago?
Skelos tells a Oneida County audience his priority is property taxes "The reason for that is people cannot afford to stay in their homes. Whether it's in Buffalo, Oneida County, or Nassau County where I live. So that's an issue that really does unite the entire state,"
And yet years of NOTHING from Skelos before he became majority Leader.
Actually, it was years of something and that something was ever-increasing spending from Albany.
Skelos says "And I'm hopeful that within the next month that we will be putting out an upstate economic development package that will help create jobs,"
Upstate has been in an economic decline for years. What took Skelos so long to figure out that they need help?


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